Who we are ? 

Automotive ECU Software & Research Company.
We work closely with OEMs and Tier-1s

Who we are ?

Automotive ECU Software & Research Company.
We work closely with OEMs and Tier-1s

Car connectivity opens many possibilities in developing innovative and solutions & services.

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For years, no other development department has been attracting the same level of car attention as electric cars.

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AI / ADAS can significantly improve people’s lives, meaning that the ability of machines to learn from experience and adapt to new information has the greatest impact.

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Connected Vehicles

Expectations have evolved for what goes inside the vehicle, and it’s inspired by what the user experiences. Today, consumers are looking for a connected and compelling experience when they enter their vehicle. This notion drives us to focus on the cutting edge Connected Vehicles systems development where the Instrument Clusters, Digital cockpits & Infotainments systems move from a mere concept to the future at present.

Infotainment Systems

Infotainment software is one of the complex ECU software (Electronic Control Unit) in cars. The development, integration, testing and program management are equally challenging.

OEMs and Tier1s always face problems in the development of infotainment software due to its complexity. Our focused expertise in Automotive software development helps to overcome these challenges and execute the programs in a timebound, cost-effective manner.
Digital Instrument Clusters
Instrument Clusters have evolved from traditional analogue gauges to “all-digital” that dynamically reconfigure depending on the volume and context of information to display. One of the greatest challenges is to enhance driver experience without distraction.

Digital Instrument clusters provide critical information for the driver through performance information as well as telltale symbols, chimes and warnings. It helps the driver to operate the vehicle safely.

Integrated Digital Cockpits
Digital cockpits have matured over the years and major OEMs have started integrating multiple displays into their Digital cockpit domain controllers.

The average number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in cars has doubled over the past few years and many cars now incorporate more than 100 ECUs. It is an increasing trend among automakers to reduce the number of ECUs (ECU Consolidation – designing a single ECU to perform functions of multiple) without sacrificing the functionality.


AI / ADAS can meaningfully improve people’s lives and that the biggest impact will come when the ability of a machine to learn from experiences  and adapt to new information.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is transforming the automotive industry – from autonomous driving to driver assistance systems and to robots on the factory floor. The number of possible AI use cases in the auto industry is very large.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security in connected cars raises several challenges for OEMs. All Security threats must be detected, prevented and responded through disciplined engineering and testing practices.
Connected cars make use of new functionalities, exposes various cybersecurity threats and risks. We focus to strengthen security resilience by minimizing the occurrence of attacks, threats, and risks.
For years, virtually no other sector of automotive development has enjoyed the same level of attention in the public as electric mobility. No wonder – after all, ultra-innovative concepts and solutions are altering the entire infrastructure.
As E-Mobility gains predominant attention, Moozt’s active involvement in this environmental friendly alternative to conventional vehicles by offering solutions for Hybrid & E-Vehicles tailored to customer centric specifications.
ECU Software Integration

Heterogeneous architecture and features getting integrated to the system calls for dedicated integration team that controls total product integration.

Complex Automotive products are never developed in a single location due to varied skill sets requirements. Multiple development partners are involved from different parts of the world work jointly with the help of advanced collaboration and management tools. In this context, continuous integration of developed software modules becomes essential for early detection of integration issues. A dedicated integration team taking the total integration responsibility is a must to ensure that different subsystems communicate and coexist as per the overall product design and requirements.

Verification & Validation
Our comprehensive portfolio of test solutions helps to detect defects early in the development phase.

Building a reliable and secure infotainment software calls for a fool-proof testing methodology that can validate the functional, non-functional, performance and usability issues. The agile workflow and continuous integration process demand repeated sweeps of validations and hence the testing strategy should consider maximum opportunity for Automation to ensure faster time to market.

We are future

With our strong expertise in android, we are already aligned towards the future.

Moozt employs Android open-source ecosystem for IVI development. It opens up many possibilities — with familiarity, ease-of-use and interoperability with customer gadgets. Our offerings provide better compatibility than those based on other mobile embedded platforms that do not have a completely open-source and free ecosystem for IVI. Linux doesn’t have a ready-to-deploy IVI ecosystem, with everything to be built from scratch, while iOS is neither free nor and can be customised for IVI. Android does not have any of these drawbacks, making it the ideal candidate to deploy in our products.

Easily customisable to meet OEM-branded user experience and concepts, Android impressively increases efficiency by curtailing development costs, saving time and effort.

The Moozt Advantage: Benefit from our knowledge, Skillset and Experience
Save on communication overheads
and reduce the overall development
time, effort and cost
Moozt provides you with remarkable expertise, especially with:
  1. The Platform: BSP skills, Linux Kernel and Device Drivers and in the HAL, Native, Middleware and Android Framework layers

  2. Integration of third-party value-added products and services, along with HMI development for the defined user experience.

  3. Complete Stack: BSP, Linux kernel, Device Drivers, HAL, Middleware and HMI.

  4. AOSP Code-base Knowledge, and Customisation of value-added features without compromising the Android standards.

  5. System Integration and System Test Services Support by leveraging automation tools.

  6. Role of Key Development Partner, putting it all together reducing the overall development cost and schedule.
About us

Our consistent and seamless delivery help us provide our customers with an engaging interface and an exceptional experience

Moozt Technologies is a global software development and knowledge company that offers innovative technology services and visionary products to the automotive industry. Our engineering team designs, develops, tests and delivers scalable, stable, secure and high-performing next-generation software solutions to major automotive OEMs and Tier-1s that define the future of technology. With our comprehensive system employing the latest technology and modern software development practices — including Agile delivery to ensure quick ramp-up, the right cultural fit and high productivity — we at Moozt provide unparalleled quality to our customers. Our consistent and seamless delivery help us provide our customers with an engaging interface and an exceptional experience, as we continuously strive to improve and deliver our product beyond expectations. The new age of auto-electronic engineering brings with it new challenges, and these are now being stretched by the need to design new capabilities such as autonomous driving modes, elevated support for better safety features and a rapid transition in comforts inside the vehicle. Meeting these new hurdles in automotive technology head-on is our passion, and we at Moozt have imbibed the same into our culture in order to deliver the most advanced, safest and most comfortable vehicles out there.
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