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Bringing you a
Delightful Driving

Why drive with mere comfort,
when you can drive with delighting experience.

The ultimate goal of Moozt is to create a great driving experience. Each journey should be a pleasure trip to ride with. Moozt is proving the expertise in utilizing the most modern technology in the most creative way. We are not only considering the designs or other features but also the amazing driving experience you gain, by implementing them. Moozt strongly believes that it is the real value addition of the vehicle

Instrument Cluster

Sense, Measure, Inform, Warn & React.!

Continously monitors the abnormalities on the road and the vehicle with extreme sensibility and with wide open ‘eyes and ‘ears’. However subtle the signal inputs are, our unit senses, measures, processes and communicates the signals to make us alert. Often it warns you. At times it interacts with you.
Our challenge is to give a paradigm shift in making the instruments more responsive, sensitive and accurate with utmost alertness through each pixel of the cluster

Instrument Cluster

Sense, Measure, Inform, Warn & React.!

Continuously watches closely the normality and abnormality on the road and in the vehicle with extreme sensibility and with wide open ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’.However subtle may be the signal inputs, this unit senses them, measures, processes and communicates them to make us alert all the time. Quite often it warns you. Other times it reacts with you. The important challenge of Moozt is to give a twist in making the instruments more creative, sensitive and accurate with utmost alert through each pixel of the Cluster

Head Unit

Intracts with the vehicle for the features that amaze you.!

All Functionals are organized at your fingertips for an all new driving experience! They are devised with the most advanced technologies for excellent models of functions and usability with easy accessibility.
We will let you use the dynamic features for safety, navigation, vehicle function and communication within seconds!
It is when you use them with remarkable usability; it becomes easy to learn to exploit all these.

With Moozt’s talents and skills, with the use of state-of-the-art technology, Head Units become pleasurable to use. Its easiness, reactive movements, speed and functionality gives you the real excitements!

Head Unit

Providing Seamless Interaction
Between You and the Features in Your Vehicle

Head Unit

Providing Seamless Interaction
Between You and the Features in Your VehicleWith every function accessible at your fingertips, the Head Unit provides you with an all-new driving experience! 

Implementing the most advanced technologies with excellent models of functions, you will find them all organized and easily usable — with dynamic features for safety, navigation, vehicle function and communication in your grasp within seconds! All of this is possible with a focus on behaviour, reaction time and functionality, without compromising on ease-of-use.

With state-of-the-art technology along with our robust talent-skill pool at Acsia, Head Units are a treat to use. The remarkable usability provides you with avenues to explore and learn, unlocking more possibilities with your vehicle.
Test Bench for Head Unit, Instrument Cluster and RSE.

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Making the Comfort Zone more exciting.It is most common that the rear side of the vehicle be for relaxed traveling. In other words it is a ‘comfort zone’. When this zone offers luxurious comfort with the help of excellence in engineering, RSE fills them with rich entertaining experience. It makes the journey filled with zest and zeal. Apart from mere entertainment, RSE harmonizes communication/information functionalities thrive to delight you.
We are future
With Android as the base, we can look to future
Android has a ready to use open source ecosystem for a complete IVI. It is well known, easy to use and interoperable with customer gadgets.
Android is easy to customize to meet the OEM branded user experience and concepts
Other mobile embedded platforms are not a complete open source and free ecosystem for IVI – e.g. Linux – doesn’t have an IVI ecosystem, everything has to be built from scratch. iOS – Not free and can’t be customized for IVI. So, Android is the best choice for saving cost and time to market.

Get the advantages from
Moozt’s Knowledge, Skills &
Experiance.Savings on communication overheads, Speeds up development, that reduces the overall development Time efforts & Cost.Moozt have the remarkable expertise specifically with:

  1. The platform – the BSP skills, Linux kernel, device drivers and in the HAL, native,middleware and Android Framework layers
  2. Capabality for integrating 3rd party value added products and services and HMI development for the defined user experience.
  3. Expertise in the complete stack ranging from BSP, Linux kernel, Device drivers, HAL, middleware and HMI
  4. AOSP code base knowledge and capability in customizing value added and features without compromising the Android standards System integration and System Test services support by leveraging the tools and automation.
  5. Schedule compared to multiple parties developing different layers and finally integrating