All-Digital Instrument Cluster for American Tier 1

A series of Instrument cluster programs for multiple variants and production programs for American and European OEMs through an American Tier 1. Our team was responsible for development of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Vehicle Software modules.  The project was executed in agile model with team members was part of a global team including Tier 1 team

Scope of Development

  1. Implementation of new features in Graphics processor
    • Gauges and Meters, Trailer blind spot, Driver Assistance integration, Telltales,
    • Warning, Information On Demand (IOD), off-road assistance
    • EV coach
    • Navigation
    • Control Mirror
  2. Implementation of new features in vehicle processor
  3. Multi language, multi-variant and multi-region support
  4. Integration with Infotainment
  5. Implementation of 2D and 3D graphics

Platform & Technology

  1. Main CPU: i.MX6 Graphics Interface Processor
  2. Vehicle Processor: Microcontroller with proprietary RTOS
  3. HMI: Rightware Kanzi, GLSL, Qt
  4. Middleware: CPP
  5. Other Tools: CANalyzer, Lauterbach, Coverity

Major Challenges

  1. Realtime 3D graphics and animations on the available hardware
  2. Quick ramping up of the team was tough as some of the required skillsets was not commonly available. We devised a highly effective training methodology called ‘problem-based Training’ which enabled the engineers to experience the real project scenarios and complexities.
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