Android HMI Development & Customization

Android HMI development and customization for IVI for European OEM through Japanese Tier 1.

Major features supported

  1. Android System UI Customization
  2. Android HMI for Appstore Integration
  3. Engineering Options HMI

Appstore integration and Apps Management HMI

  1. Integrating the 3rd party Appstore
  2. Managing the app install, un-install and icons – app-buckets
  3. Managing custom settings for apps and services
  4. Supporting the rendering of 3rd party Portrait and Landscape apps
  5. Managing the storage and RAM used by apps and residual trash clearing
  6. Managing multi-language support
  7. Settings Configuring via Engineering options HMI

System UI Customization

  1. Implementing the System UI top Bar with custom layout
  2. Customized status line
  3. Support for different app rendering with auto-detecting the rendering (Full Screen) for the custom top bar layout
  4. Integration of Volume and Cabin Volume settings to control from System UI
  5. Disable Android Navigation Bar and implemented Customized screen navigation
  6. Disabled System UI over OEM Apps and dynamic enabling over non-OEM and 3rd party apps

Engineering Options HMI

  1. Engineering Settings and debug settings
  2. VCPU commands and Factory commands integration
  3. User Data Management
  4. Wifi and BT diagnosis and Certification support
  5. Software Download and Updates support
  6. Media settings and Player support with local and distributed playback support with DTCP enabled for factory testing
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