Android Middleware & Platform Customizations

We often need to customize the stock build of Android to suit few of the specific requirements of the Automotive software. We work with leading OEMs and Tier1 for Android middleware and platform customizations for Automotive Software requirements. We customize Android stock AOSP images or enhance existing frameworks to meet the needs of the customer.

Linux Kernel

Android is an operating System based on Linux Kernel.  It is responsible for device drivers, power and memory management, device management and resource access.

Native Libraries

The native libraries such as WebKit, Open GL, FreeType, SQLite, Media, C Runtime library resides on top of Linux Kernel.

Android Runtime

This layer includes core libraries and DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine) responsible to run Android applications.

Android Framework

Android Framework includes Android APIs such as UI (User Interface) , Telephony, resources, locations, Content Providers and package managers for the Android Applications.


This include Android default applications and custom applications

With our deep knowledge in Android Operating system, we customize it for specific Automotive needs such as,
  1. System UI customization
  2. Cyber Security Implementation
  3. Boot time optimizations
  4. Engineering screens
  5. Power Management
  6. Logging and Tracing
  7. Diagnostics
  8. Variant Handling
  9. Software Download
  10. Connectivity
  11. OEM specific features
  12. Climate Control
  13. Audio Routing
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