AUTOSAR Services

Moozt actively uses AUTOSAR in sophisticated software development that pursues the objective of creating and establishing an open and standardized system architecture for automotive electronic control units (ECUs).
AUTOSAR governed software development of smart, safe and secure vehicles focus on standardization with the goal of reliability, scalability and maintainability by developing common specifications, architecture and methodology for dependable automotive systems.

Our Services

Moozt offers embedded software module solutions / services that cover the vehicle oriented communication sequence with end to end AUTOSAR based services in:
  • Application development
  • Standard MCAL development
  • Porting/Migration of MCALs
  • BSW Module development
  • Application specific CDD development
  • Porting existing CDD’s to AUTOSAR compliant applications.
Integration Verification & Validation
  • Software Testing
  • Test Automation
  • System Testing
By pursuing AUTOSAR governed services/solutions Moozt aims to include scalability to different vehicle platforms, transferability of software, availability of safety requirements with sustainable use of resources and maintainability of the service lifecycle.
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