Cyber Security Engineering

Our comprehensive security solutions/services protect areas of vulnerabilities including external interfaces, in-vehicle networks, software updates and ECU software as a whole.

Key security requirements of Automotive Systems

  1. Secure OS
  2. Support Hardware-based security (HSM, TEE)
  3. Secure boot
  4. Secure Software Update
  5. Protection of sensitive information
  6. Secure communication and networking
  7. Intrusion detection
  8. Robustness against failed or compromised components
  9. Least privilege and minimal trust base
  10. Robustness against external input
  11. Minimization of information exposure

Engineering Practices

Moozt has a proven security engineering process in line with ASPICE to address the complex security requirements of automotive systems.
Structured and iterative Risks & Threat modelling is employed to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities and takes measures to prevent and respond.
It helps security architects to
  1. Accurately determine the attack surface of the system
  2. Assign risk to various threats
  3. Drive the vulnerability mitigation process
Rapidly growing connectivity of vehicles with latest functionalities exposes various malware and risks. To ensure a cyber line of defence, it requires many solutions as a well-connected chain which prevents the attack of the invisible enemy.
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