As E-Mobility gains predominant attention, Moozt’s active involvement in this environmental friendly alternative to conventional vehicles by offering solutions and services for Hybrid and E-Vehicles tailored to customer centric specifications. With innovative concepts, we are a preferred worldwide partner for innovative solutions and dynamically contribute to the change in mobility.

Being a renowned & proven partner for automotive solutions & services with an impeccable track record of sovereign skill sets in the Automotive Industry, we now offer state of the art technology based E-mobility services & solutions

Our Value Proposition:

Our Services

Specifically developed to suit the requirements of Central Control Unit, Charging Control Units, Battery Management Modules and other ECU applications ( specialized custom ECUs ) Moozt operates on a trustworthy model for all its customers by delivering safe and secure solutions that drives a reliable and reinforced transformation to E-mobility.

Our Services:

Technology Portfolio:

  • AUTOSAR Stack: Vector, EB
  • Languages: C,C++
  • Hardware: NXP, ST, Infineon, Renesas
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