Moozt Harmony

At Moozt, we believe in the importance of striking the right balance between personal and professional lives. A person who is happy in his personal life will be happy in his professional life and this principle works the other way around too. This is the foundation of HARMONY, concept aimed at encouraging positivity in the workspace that ensures a culture of success. We have designed many motivational programmes that engage our employees through arts, literature and sports. We nurture their talents and provide a vibrant avenue where they can explore new ideas and discover more about themselves.

Team Synergy

Strong teams make better companies. And such teams are made through the bonds created by the people in them. Based on their versatile talents, whether it is in sports, arts or literature, our employees form fun teams. The bonds forged through these activities has helped Moozt create a team culture that is vibrant, positive and growth-oriented.

Buddy System

Joining a new company comes with a fair share of anxiety, confusion and questions. Moozt understands this and that’s why we have the Buddy System. Every new employee is assigned a buddy who will help them to adapt to Moozt culture. They will answer all your queries patiently, help you to familiarise with the processes, make friends - in short, your buddies will help you ease into your new job.

Arise to Help

Moozt’s philosophy syncs with ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which means ‘The World is One Family’. We recognise our social commitment and have formed a platform called ARiSE to promote philanthropy among our team members. Our staff chip in time, money and energy for various social initiatives. Moozt is proud to be partnering with worthy charities and being part of the community.

Celebrations Galore

Every achievement, be it big or small, is a matter of celebration at Moozt. We acknowledge and appreciate the work put in by our employees and every bit of success is celebrated with pride.

And our spirit of celebration extends to personal achievements too. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, farewells, baby showers etc whatever the occasion, Moozt joins in with the joy of its employees.

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