Infotainment Systems

Infotainment Software is one of the complex ECU software (Electronic Control Unit) in cars. The development, integration, testing and program management are equally challenging.

OEMs and Tier1s always face problems in the development of infotainment software due to its complexity. Our focused expertise in Automotive software development helps to overcome these challenges and execute programs in a time bound, cost-effective manner.

Travelling long distances by cars in the modern world has become bearable with the availability of in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) that can entertain and inform drivers and other occupants.  Today’s IVI systems are based on multicore SoCs (System on Chip) that has two processing units – Vehicle CPU (VCPU) for handling low level vehicle interfaces and Graphics CPU for high end 2D and 3D graphics. Hypervisors are increasingly being used in today’s infotainment systems for isolating safety-critical modules as well as implementing Integrated Digital Cockpits.

Moozt has expertise in developing core features of Infotainment Systems

  1. Navigation Systems,
  2. Hands-free phone integration,
  3. Media Player
  4. App Store integrations,
  5. Camera integration,
  6. Vehicle functions,
  7. Climate Control
  8. 3D and 2D Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  9. Software Update (OTA, USB, Diagnostics Software)
  10. Cyber Security
  11. Boot Time Optimization
  12. Variant Code Support
  13. Multi Language Speller
  14. Audio, Video Distributed Playback and Cabin Audio routing
  15. Persistence and EMMC data control
  16. MCPU and VCPU Diagnostics
  17. Power Management
  18. Logging and System Monitoring
  19. Android Framework Customizations
  20. Engineering and Dealer Menus
  21. Customized Chromium Browser
  22. User Data and Settings

Our Offers

  1. Android Middleware & Platform Customizations
  2. Linux Middleware & Platform Customizations
  3. HMI Development for Automotive
  4. Custom application development
  5. Overall Integration of IVI software
  6. Overall Verification & Validation
  7. Supports OEM in System Requirements, System Design, System, System Integration Testing and System Testing

Technology Portfolio

  1. Platform: Android, Linux, QNX, VDK, Windows Automotive, Windows Embedded
  2. Hypervisor: QNX, COQOS
  3. AUTOSAR Stack: Vector, EB
  4. Languages: C,C++, Java, Python, CAPL
  5. Hardware: NXP, Renesas, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Infineon

Case Studies

Typical architecture of Infotainment system

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