IVI HMI Development for European OEM

Scope of work

  1. Complete HMI feature development for an Infotainment Head unit
  2. Vehicle function service layer development
  3. Configuration tool to set the parameters of the Head Unit system

Features Developed

  1. Entertainment ( Radio/Media)
  2. Vehicle Function/ Settings/Climate
  3. Telephone/Telematics/ Bluetooth
  4. Connectivity/Browser/Mirror Link
  5. Navigation
  6. Diagnostics/SW download/App Download
  7. ParkingAssist/Camera
  8. Speech & Language


  1. Continuous integration to seamlessly integrate code check-ins from multiple locations to a central server.
  2. Iterative process model to provide incremental releases to the customer
  3. The IVI system has been awarded with best infotainment system (HMI) by industry bodies
  4. Distributed global development at 3 locations from different parts of the world
  5. Scheduled automated build and execution of regression tests on a daily basis
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