Logger for Android Automotive

Moozt has developed a logger module for Android that provides a log and trace interface for IVI systems. This supports hypervisor and nonhypervisor based systems.

Features Supported

  1. Supports online and offline logs
  2. Collects logs from multiple OS environment to a common log system
  3. Ability to collect logs to USB, Ethernet or internal memory
  4. Logs based on internal errors and external triggers
  5. Logs recorded for
    • Kernel
    • Logcat
    • WiFi (State machine and Bus)
    • Bluetooth (State machine and Bus)
    • Performance
    • Error Traces
    • VCPU
  6. Logs buffered in RAM to preserve emmc write cycles
  7. Enable/Disable logs
  8. Provision to move/delete all internally collected logs (internal memory) using APIs or connecting USB devices with specific directories


  1. Qualcomm 820A
  2. Android Automotive
  3. Linux


  1.  Routing logs from multiple OS environment in a hypervisor-based system.
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