Rear Seat Entertainment System

Moozt helped a Japanese Tier 1 to develop most modern connected Seat Entertainment System (RSE) for world’s largest luxury car maker for China and Rest Of the World (RoW) market. The project had roughly 10000 system requirements which included around 3000 software requirements.  The project was constituted with hardware and software suppliers from seven different location.  Moozt was responsible for software development, integration and testing of the software.


  1. Qualcomm S820A
  2. Android Automotive
  3. Linux
  4. Proprietary Hypervisor

Scope of development

    • Software Development
      1. Software Update
      2. Cyber Security
      3. Persistence
      4. Diagnosis
      5. Media
      6. Speller
      7. Logger
      8. Android Framework Customizations
      9. Engineering Menu
      10. Third Party Integrations
      11. Browser Customization
      12. Google Certification
      13. Power Management
      14. Variant Handling
      15. Climate Control
    • Software Integration
      Overall responsibility of software integration
    • Software Testing
      Overall responsibility of integration and Software Testing

Glimpse of Major Challenges

  1. There were 280 security requirements to be implemented in the RSE. RSE being first of its kind in the industry, It was a big challenge for us to coordinate with experts from OEM , Tier1 and all other development partners to complete the implementation of the security requirements.
  2. Lately introduced China market requirement to install third party apps brought in a massive change in software architecture. The architecture of the system had to be redesigned in between the development to a hypervisor-based system to incorporate this requirement.
  3. Customizing Android to meet all the OEM specific power management requirements without losing Google compliance demanded in-depth knowledge in the Android framework. Our expert Android architects came up with a power management architecture addressing all power management specific challenges of RSE
  4. RSE being a complex distributed system, routing all logs to a single point in a unified timestamp was a biggest challenge in logging module. We ported DLT for Android and successfully developed a reusable DLT based logger component for Android.
  5. Moozt was entrusted with the responsibility of overall program management coordinating with all suppliers. We devised and followed Project Management process that assures 100 % milestone delivery without missing a single requirement. We formed a separate team and took almost three months to develop a system based on Jira for tracking all activities using required dashboards.
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