Moozt Work Culture

Moozt focuses on doing things differently and efficiently. That’s why we believe that if the culture is right, everything else will happen organically. We are passionate about making meaningful associations in everything we do, and this forms the foundation of our unique culture. We care about providing the best customer service through quality products, building enduring relationships with our valued customers and nurturing a sense of community that connects our team members with one another. And this is achieved through our philosophy of continuous learning and improvement, which is aligned to our service offering. Moozt encourages excellence by providing its employees with ample chances to take up exciting challenges. We provide them with great learning opportunities and a well-equipped workspace to help them achieve professional and personal goals.

We offer two learning programmes for upskilling and promoting the culture of learning in the organisation. They are:


A programme designed to train new engineers who have come on board with Moozt.


An upskilling programme designed for young engineers who have at least one year of service.

To top it off, Moozt provides training in real car electronics.

The Moozt culture is not just about work. We care about the overall wellbeing of our employees. Our staff enjoy a good work-life balance that helps them enjoy the best of professional and personal lives. Moozt also has two platforms that promotes creative and humane side of our team. They are:


A platform that encourages employees to freely explore their personal interests and talents.

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