Cyber Security Testing

Automotive cybersecurity testing is critical to detect the vulnerability of a system’s architecture. It safeguards vehicles from unauthorized access to car electronics or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) via external interfaces, over-the-air updates or any other security loopholes.

Areas of Security Testing

  • Port scan
  • Flooding attack
  • Fuzz testing
  • Record Route
  • DOS
  • Network isolation
  • TLS
  • Memory protection
  • Access restriction
  • Impersonation attacks
  • Authentication
  • Services exposed
  • Man in Middle attack

Our Services

Moozt has a proven security engineering process in line with ASPICE to address the complex security requirements of automotive systems.

Penetration Testing: We simulate cyberattack against the DUT to check for exploitable vulnerabilities and this comprised the testing of WiFi, Bluetooth, Interfaces, Ports, FireWalls etc.

Fuzzy Testing: We discover coding errors and security loopholes in software, operating systems or networks, inputting massive amounts of random data as part of Fuzzy Testing

Hardware Level Testing: We test the hardware for security vulnerabilities including side-channel attacks and Fault injection attacks.

We employ disciplined security testing practices and security audits throughout the development cycle to identify weak links of the system and to assure quality of products.
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