Verification & Validation

Our comprehensive portfolio of test solutions helps to detect defects early in the development phase.

Building a reliable and secure infotainment software calls for a fool-proof testing methodology that can validate the functional, non-functional, performance and usability issues.   The agile workflow and continuous integration process demand repeated sweeps of validations and hence the testing strategy should consider maximum opportunity for Automation to ensure faster time to market.

Our Offers

Independent verification & Validation

We provide end-to-end testing service for automotive software to ensure that all the components are performed as per the requirement including Google Certification (CTS/VTS Testing).

Test Automation

We apply state-of-the-art test automation tools to automate maximum tests to increase productivity. Moozt owns a Smart Test Automation Suite that covers various areas of testing.

Types of Testing

Functional Test

Test the functionality from a system viewpoint. For System Testing, the supplier shall cover all the functional requirements that are System Testable on the Bench

Quick Test

Test the basic functionality of the system and confirm if the software is a candidate for Release and Functional Test. This is the typical Smoke Testing of the released SW

Category Test

Cross-functional testing (across modules) and testing based on experience. Continuous random usage of system functions and Stress tests are a part of this test where UCs from different modules are typically executed (as if it were real environment) and check the working of the system

Milestone Test

A series of tests conducted on the release candidate for milestone release to ensure that the software runs as intended

CAN Test

CAN communication related tests

Diagnostics Test

This test shall include the testing of all diagnostic parameters of the system.

Voltage/Power Test

This includes High Voltage and Low Voltage tests, testing different ignition cycles patterns provided by OEM.

Reproduction Test

Tests for reproducing bugs found in various types of testing and providing the necessary logs and information to the team

Regression Test

Tests the delivered functionality after a release and ensure that the previous functionality is not affected by the new additions

Performance Test

Testing the performance of system and recording various system parameters (RAM, CPU usage, Timing etc.) for various subsystems.

Stability and Life Cycle Test

This test would include Stress tests performed on bench to test the robustness and shall record various resets, application crashes and failures of the Device Under  Test (DUT).
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